Written by Christine Maley

This summer we are lucky to have two new interns here are Roundpeg.   Christy is a Journalism Major from IU, and Jay is a Marketing Major from IUPUI.  Just like all our employees at Roundpeg, you will see posts from each of them from time to time this summer.  Today’s post is Christy’s first attempt.  Please feel free to drop her a note and tell her what you think!

As the market is focusing exclusively on web-based communications, businesses must actively compete and adjust to that market as well.  It shocks and appalls me that some businesses still aren’t online, seeing as my tech-savvy generation wouldn’t know a phone book from Harry Potter.

So as a twenty year old college student and your potential client in a few, short years, I want to reiterate that having a good, comprehensive, aesthetically-pleasing website is ESSENTIAL to the survival of ANY company.

This afternoon, I read a blog post by Joanne Pele, the Vice President of Operations at Complete Business Systems who wrote about the benefits of having a website for your business’s marketing strategy and overall success.

Here is a list of three important reasons that she says –and I strongly agree- that companies need to get online:

  • Most people I speak with tell me that if they are considering buying anything they check it out first online. The next step is to seek out local companies that have the service/product they are looking for. They enjoy the experience of being able to research the company, see their product or offering and examples. After doing their initial research, some purchase online and others move forward by either making a call, submitting an online form request or heading down to the physical location.
  • Your business can always be open to distribute information to your potential customers. Your website is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. People can browse your services or products, find your location, learn your business hours and read testimonials from your previous clients while you are at home snuggling in bed. If you provide them with a web form to fill out they can also leave you a message indicating their potential interest and you can get back to them first thing in the morning!
  • One of the greatest benefits to having a website would be marketing. In the past when businesses advertised, they often weren’t sure where their customers were coming from and what advertising efforts were working. With a website you can install analytic that tell you exactly where your customers are coming from. Not only can you view their location, what URL or search engine they came from, but you can also find what keywords they used to find you. You can then adjust your advertising accordingly to gain more business.

I would also like to address an additional, personal reason that I think it is essential for companies to have websites. Websites gain business credibility (whether merited or not). Not only do websites give you a comprehensive look at the company, but potential customers don’t want to do business with a company that is “behind the times”.

So for all of you businesses who are currently technologically encumbered, the bottom line is:  If companies do not have internet sites in this day and age, they are essentially non –existent.

Jump swiftly and mightily on the internet bandwagon.

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