Most of our clients are small business owners who would prefer to spend their time working for their clients, not updating their websites.  But when an update is required, they want to be able to do it themselves, quickly, correctly, and without an hourly charge from us.  To be honest, we like to work that way as well, focusing on the creative front end, not the tedious on-going updates;  add a seminar, add a picture, delete a product.

And we found the perfect solution!  About a year ago, we switched all our design projects to WordPress, and we have never looked back.  With thousands of templates to use as a starting point, we enjoy customizing the layout to meet the client’s requirements. Our goal is to create a site that the client can update in 5 or 10 minutes, even adding a page or two won’t be hard to do.

For small business owners who don’t have a website, or for ones who do, the transition to WordPress is a smart one.   And we love to look in from time to time to see what our clients are doing with the tool we gave them.  For example, Chef JJ Boston recently added some new pictures and classes to his website.  Instead of waiting on us, if he has an idea in the middle of the night, he can add it to his site!

What about you?  Are you still fighting with a site designed a few years ago, which is getting older day by day?  Hard to update, hard to navigate?  A site which no longer meets your needs? Maybe it is time for a change!

If you have any questions, give us a call at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design company.