Last week  I shared a blog post from James Paden which outlined several questions a small business owner should ask potential web site development firms. Today’s post,  looks at the process from the other side – What should a web designer ask a client?

  1. Why do you want a web site?  Because everyone else has one isn’t a good enough reason. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your site, you will need more or possibly less functionality.
    • Is it for credibility -then something as simple as a landing page to confirm you are a legitimate company may suffice.
    • Is it designed to be a step in the sales process?  If so you will need to offer visitors an opportunity to encourage people to read something, complete a form, ask a question or buy something.
  2. Do you want people to notice the website?  This question comes from a post by Seth Godin.  And the answer is not as clear cut as you might imagine.   It really boils down to form vs content.   Do you want people to be “wowed” by graphics and special effects or by what you have to say?  Unless you are in the business of selling web design and graphic services, Seth suggests you tone down the Wow so visitors notice what you have to say.  And I think he is right.  Too often, web developers add all sorts of extra’s because they can, not because the effect adds value to the site.

If you are a small business owner working with a web designer, and he/she doesn’t ask these questions early in the planning process, you should ask them yourself!

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