Four years ago, an old friend called to offer me a job. It was tempting.  We had worked together in the past and I liked, respected and trusted him. It was a job for which I was well suited, in an industry I knew well, for a solid company with a good reputation.

At the same time, Roundpeg was struggling to find a place in a crowded market. Working for someone else seemed easy way out.  But half way through an interview which began with a hug from my prospective boss, I knew it was a mistake and so did he.   Why? After several years on my own, I no longer fit in a corporate environment. I had truly become a Roundpeg with no ability to fit the square holes of a corporate structure.  At that moment, I knew failure was not an option. If I could not return to my life in corporate America,  I had to make Roundpeg a success.

Accepting there was no turning back forced me to look forward, double my efforts and ultimately double my business.

With the current economic downturn, I meet many reluctant entrepreneurs; downsized executives who think they will start a business but secretly hope to find a job. After 6 – 9 months they discover they haven’t been successful at either.  My advice; commit 100% to one path or the other.  If you try to straddle the white line in the middle of the road you will get run over!  Embrace the fact you are unemployable, start your business, have fun and succeed!

If you are looking for a resource to guide your journey, check out Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim.