One of my must reads everyday is the Marketing Technology Blog by Indianapolis Tech Expert – Doug Karr .  I enjoy looking in on Doug because he has really found a way to let his personality come through the “techy” stuff.  I think he is likable in print as he is in person.  His posts are informative, sometimes funny, and very helpful to someone starting their blog.

I really liked one of his recent posts on SEO – Easy or Difficult.  Whether you are a small business owner blogging as a way to drive traffic to your primary business site, or a serious marketing professional trying to build a blogging business, this post has some wonderful tips on as Doug says how to “roll out the red carpet for your website and blog”

Some of his tips are pretty basic; register with Google and use key words in posts and page titles.  He also  suggested we sign up for SEOmoz to improve search visibility.   I followed instructions, but I am just learning the tool.  So if you have hand experience with it, and can suggest the best ways to use it, I would appreciate it!

We do a significant amount of web design work for our small business clients these days, and I am always looking for tools for them and for us!

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