Have You Ever Watched a Deer Running?0401103

I have and they are amazingly beautiful and incredibly fast creatures. Watching a deer move, I wonder how is it possible for  them to be hit by a car?  Surely they have the speed to dart out of the way and avoid becoming Roadkill.

And yet, every spring, you see a few scattered on the roads.  Why?   Because as they are running, if they catch sight of a headlights of a car, they turn and freeze.  Instead of moving on, they are paralyzed by feed of impending danger. They become Roadkill.

I see the same thing happening to small business owners.  Instead of focusing on their business, and running to stay ahead, the turn, and freeze, staring into the oncoming lights of the economy.  They become Economic Roadkill!

I am not naive.  I know the economy is not great.  But you have a choice.  You can allow yourself to be paralyzed, saying things like: “I am going to wait until things pick up before I make that decision” or ” I am not sure I want to invest right now, because of the economy”.  When you allow the fear of the economy to freeze you in your tracks you are setting yourself up to be run over by the economy.

If you choose to, you can outrun the economy.  Make investments in your business now. Do a little more advertising, marketing, or networking.  Take a class, learn something new, keep moving!!!!  Run past the other small businesses lying on the side of the road and pick up speed.  When things turn around, you will be running ahead of the pack!