As Titter gets more popular, I find more people wondering why? On a daily basis, the small business owners I work with ask me – “Why do I use Twitter and should they?” And while I know what I like, I often find it hard to explain it succinctly. But in this brief presentation by Paul Bradshaw, which I found on Conversations, is a wonderful explanation that challenges us to imagine what is possible.

Interestingly, the same day, I was reading the Harvard Business Review and found a different perspective   Lew McrCeary, writing for the Harvard Business Review, comfortable in a world where a short post is 5,000 words shares his discovery of Twitter.  While most comfortable with long form communication, he   saw the benefits, real time at a conference, sitting next to someone using twitter,  who seemed to be attending two events at once. The one with the speaker, and the one where he he shared his questions, and comments with his followers.

This experience lead McCeary to ask“Have you found a place for Twitter in your knowledge management system?”