Recently I put out a request on Twitter for submissions from Guest Bloggers.  It is not that I am being lazy, I just think Business Notes from Roundpeg will be more interesting with contributions from different writers.   Today’s guest post is from Linda Daichendt.  We have never met face to face, but I enjoy reading her posts on Twitter, and I hope you will enjoy her post today.

The author, Linda Daichendt, is Founder, CEO and Managing Consultant at Strategic Growth Concepts, a consulting and training firm specializing in start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. She is a recognized small business expert with 20+ years experience in providing Marketing, Operations, HR, and Strategic planning services to start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. Linda can be contacted at and the company website can be viewed at

A recent survey by Local Mobile Search, in conjunction with (as reported by Opus Research, Inc.) indicates that 59% of businesses surveyed say they do not participate in online marketing of their businesses. The survey further reported that the reasons most cited were high cost, lack of time and not knowing where to begin.

Strategic Growth Concepts is striving to change those results because we believe that with the largest percentage of businesses today having less than 5 employees and little, if any, start-up capital, it’s imperative that small business owners are made aware of the wide array of Web 2.0 technology tools and resources available to aid them in growing their businesses with little investment other than their time and effort. This technology can teach them how to maximize their business’ resources (both human and financial) and provide them with the tools to do so.

As part of Strategic’s effort to educate small business about the technology by utilizing the technology, our firm has scheduled several upcoming broadcasts on our BlogTalkRadio show, ‘Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business’. These broadcasts will focus on topics of interest to small business, and will feature experts in each topic area.

The following is a schedule of the broadcast topics currently scheduled:

The Legal Aspects of Starting a Business – How to Save Pain & Expense in the Future

March 24, 2009 at 2:30 p.m. EDT

Using Public Relations to Grow Your Business

April 7, 2009 @ 2:30 p.m. EDT

Mobile Marketing – What is it and can it help you grow your business?

April 14, 2009 @ 2:30 p.m. EDT

You can participate in these broadcasts by accessing our site on BlogTalkRadio at: .

Strategic Growth Concepts is also utilizing Web 2.0 social media to provide a variety of resources for start-up businesses or existing small businesses to gain access to the knowledge, contacts and resources they need to help grow their businesses.  These resources include frequently shared links to items of interest via Twitter at, and groups for small business owners to share information and interact with each other on LinkedIn and Facebook which can be accessed via the following links:

LinkedIn – Entrepreneur-in-Training

LinkedIn – Business Growth Strategies, Tactics & Tools

Facebook – Strategic Growth Concepts for Small Business

An additional tool Strategic Growth Concepts utilizes to provide helpful information to small businesses is the firm’s website at where it houses a wide variety of articles for small business owners reference on such topics as:  using social media to grow your business, latest news from the SBA and how it can help your business, building your credibility as an expert, tools for small business and many other helpful topics.

Lastly, Strategic also provides a wealth of Links of benefit to small business, and articles of interest, via its’ blogs at and .

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