I was out on an inspiration walk* the other day and noticed the first signs of spring. There amoung the clusters of dead leaves were the first signs of new growth.  I realized just as spring follows winter, down cycles in the economy are followed by upswings.  spring-comes-to-indy

As farmers have done for years I will be planting this month.  Kicking up my marketing activity just a notch, a little more networking and direct mail, a few experiments with my email newsletter.  All of this work is designed to insure my crops are planted when summer comes.

And there are signs the economy is rebounding, little ones, like the bud of leaves I saw on my walk.  The the signs are there, and after a very long economic winter, I am ready for spring.  What about you?

*Inspiration Walk – Usually occurs in the middle of the day when I have 12 million things to do, and no energy to do any of them.  I get up, leave my office, put on my walking shoes and head to the Monon Trail ( just 2 tenths of a mile away) for exercise and inspiration.