About a week ago, my son borrowed my iPhone to listen to Pandora as we were driving.  He created his own play list starting with bands I would never have chosen.  But the way Pandora works, these artists are now part of my list, and Pandora will offer other music and artists it thinks I might like based on this starting point.

So suddenly,645131208620 455W 455H I am listening to bands like Gorillaz and Gym Class Heroes, and discovering I really enjoy a lot of the music.   Whi724387383821 455W 455Hle some of the songs presented are not my taste, there are definitely quite a few I have enjoyed adding to my my play list.   And I would have missed out on all of them if I hadn’t allowed my son to introduce me to something new.

As small business owners I think we get into a rut.  We have a “play list” for our business and we do the same things in the same ways, over and over again.  When someone, usually  someone younger presents a new idea or new approach, we decide we are just much happier  with our current play list.

So here is my challenge to you.. try something new today and every day for the rest week.  Whether it is related to business or your personal life, let something new enter your play list!