In an article for StartUp Nation, Tom Now  wrote  about the 20 hottest Internet Marketing Trends for 2009.  As I read through the list, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at some of the trends, and more importantly how some of our clients are incorporating these ideas into their marketing this year.

This week I thought I would take a closer look at Trend #2: Internet Marketing-palooza.  Talking about this trend Tom says:

Due to its cost-effectiveness and inherent measurability, expect many more small businesses to take Internet marketing seriously in 2009. This includes everything from email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social networking, to increased investment in websites, microsites and custom landing pages.

We are seeing a number of web redesigns this year. – With clients updating from traditional HTML to sites powered by WordPress.  Why?  Becuase it is easier to update, keep content fresh, and give search engines a reason to come back again and again.  Very often the average visitor won’t be able to tell the difference between a wordpress site, and a “traditional site” but the value is in the improved SEO, ability to update on the fly, and offer your visitors something new.

Check out – Ingrid Cummings has new book, and weekly radio shows she wants to promote. With the old site, she had to schedule time with her web developer, orgainze content in advance, and then pay for the updates.  Now if she has an idea, she can make the chance, and if she doesn’t like, she can change it back!

We are seeing a fall off in open rates on traditional email marketing.  As people receive more and more,their patience is wearing thin. One of the few exceptions is a former client of ours, Joe’s Butcher Shop. His weekly emails ( which we set up for him, and then taught him how to do on his own) still have strong open rates – Why?  His list is completely permission based, visitors to the shop, have to fill out a form to be included.  And each week, he sends them something of value – A recipe and coupon.  Not only does he have strong open rates, he has high sales of his featured item, because he presents in a way his readers find valuable.

The lesson – simple, relevant content, in small doses, keeps you in front of prospects, clients and referral partners.