As I step into the role of Executive Director for Rainmaker University I have thought about the question of what is the real purpose of RainU? Why do we want to add this educational component to our business association? I found the best answer on a blog by Chris Brogan ( a smart social media expert with the right balance of humor and valuable information in his posts). Quoting Thomas Kempis, he said:

The object of education isn’t knowledge; it’s action.

That sums it up. While education for the sole purpose of expanding your knowledge is valuable, Rainmakers is about ACTION. We are committed to helping our members, and the greater entrepreneurial community grow. And the key to our growth is education which will allow us to ACT!

So the question you have to answer is what it holding you back, preventing your from being more successful? Is it something you don’t know? Then take action! Take a class! Learn something which will allow you to ACT!