Ben McConnel shared his thoughts on the a recent study by the Association of National Advertisers as reported by Media Post. A new survey of ANA of its members on how they are cutting marketing budgets in this nasty recession.   As  he shared the statics, it was clear, that news is neither good or bad, it just depends on where you are sitting for example: in response to the statistic that  48%  of the c0mpanies surveyed are looking to reduce agency compensation, McConnel had this to say:

If agency compensation is being cut, that’s good news for start-up agencies that don’t have the overhead of existing ones, or agencies that haven’t had the impetus to reinvent themselves using a social media lens rather than a broadcast media lens

So I guess that means, good news for Roundpeg although we are not a “start up” we still act like one.  My philosophy has always been to focus on smart, rather then expensive marekting strategies  for my small business clients.  I guess my time has come !