Jenny Cromie, ghost writing for ProBlogger has outlined five very good reasons why any writer should consider blogging. This was definately true for me. I am not a professional writer, and so when I write, I tend to over think my writing. The result was informative, boring copy. As I began blogging more and more, I relaxed and became more comfortable with the process.  She says:

Discover my voice I know this sounds odd coming from someone who has written for most of her life, but you have to understand that up until this blogging thing, most of my writing was been functional.

Here post continues with other examples of how the process has improved her writing.  For me  the biggest improvment has come in the speed at which I can move from forming an idea in my head to caputring it on paper.   I have no illusions, there is no Plulitzer Prize in my future.  There is however a series of articles and blogs posts I will be proud of, which will hopefully engage a few readers and ignite a few conversations.  What about you?  Why do you blog?