When I first started blogging, I thought I needed to keep my personal and professional blogs separate.  I think many small business owners starting a blog, start out this way.  The best eventually learn if they are their business, they need to let who they are come through.

When I first started blogging,  I was afraid, my “personal voice” would be inappropriate for a business blog.  Over the last year, I have read countless blog posts – professional and personal by some of the best writers in the world.  The ones I enjoyed the most, blended their personality into their business.  As my social media mentor Kyle Lacy likes to say, they were authentic! They seemed approachable.

And so, slowly I have let little bits of me come through.   As I think about it now, my discomfort was really kind of odd.  What “business image” was I trying to protect?   At Roundpeg our style and personality is a little off beat.  We take what we do seriously, we just don’t take ourselves seriously.  I worked hard to build a brand which was authentic and approachable. From the logo and the colors to the informal office environment which includes an office cat, and a part time office dog, we want people to feel at home at Roundpeg.  And I am now comfortable with the idea that our blog, which is really just an extension of us, should reflect our personality

So if you are on 106th Street, in Carmel, stop by!   Come in through the kitchen, try not to step on Clyde our cat, and help yourself to a cup of coffee. ( If the pot is empty, feel free to make some.  The filters  on the right side, above the coffee pot).  And if you are not in the neighborhood, stop by our blog, say hello with a comment, and let us get to know you!