I spend a lot lot of time on line, and from time to time i wonder if it is all worth it. In a recent post, Seth Godin asks the same thing:

But is the activity getting in the way of action? Is the online work you’re doing actually leading you where you want to go, or merely keeping you busy?

The jury is still out for Roundpeg, we certainly have more web traffic, and more inquiries, as a result of our activity, the challenge will be to continue to convert those interactions into transactions.

How?  For 2009 we are considering a web redesign or at least a serious update to include more “Call to Action” options. This is a tough choice, because we just did a major overhaul 9 months ago, but things change fast in the Web 2.0 world, and I guess we need to change with them.

Do you have other suggestions?  How are you converting guests to repeat visitors or subscribers?