I am not a professional blogger. I have a full time business as a marketing professional, my blog is a passion, an integral part of my marketing, and a place to express myself. And even if I don’t ever make money directly from blogging, I found the tips in this article by  Justin Wright on ProBloggor extremely valuable. In describing the process of blogging he says:

  • The Journey is Everything
  • Hard Work Does Pay Off
  • Relationships are Everything
  • Doing what you love isn’t work
  • Provide first reap rewards later.

All valid points, but the one which is really ringing true for me right now is Relationships are Everything. I have always understood this in my off-line world. An avid networker ( possibly a junkie) I have seen my business expand as my circle of contacts has expanded. The same is true on-line as I have followed, commented and exchanged tweets with other bloggers, the entire process has become more fun, and more productive.

While I won’t grow sales by focusing completely on relationships with my peers  I will grow rich, in relationships, and knowledge. Hopefully as a result I will have more to share with my readers;  small business owners, looking for smart, practical marketing advice.