This little game has gone around social media circles for awhile, and is now on Smaller Indiana. To play you simply share seven things most people don’t know about you in a list, then tag seven other people requesting they do the same.  So here is my original post.  It has nothing to do with business, or marketing, or blogging, or pr, so if you have come here for that, come back later. But if you would like to get to know a little bit more about me.. Read On!

Thanks to Cindy Hartman who tagged me.

1 – I was born in Brooklyn, and lived in a building which was built on the site of Ebbets Field, the old Dodger Stadium. I literally lived 17 stories above 3rd base. (But I don’t like baseball)

2 – My first job after college was teaching English as a second language in a small town in Israel (This is also where I met Andy)

3 – I am tone deaf ( even my own mother told me to mouth the words) so music is all about the rhythm for me.

4 – Until I graduated college, everyone called me Lanie. Many of my friends and family members never knew my real name was Lorraine.

5 – I’m really good at math (not necessarily arithmetic, but math) Calculus, Number Theory, Statistics, Matrix and Linear Algebra… I actually like this stuff

6 – I have been in 49 of the 50 states ( Only Alaska)

7 – I love old science fiction books and movies: Anything by Asimov, Heinlin, Bradbury. BladeRunner, The original Star wars movies, and StarTrek ( especially Next Generation)

And now it is time to pass the fun along. Just a few simple rules:
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I met so many new people here on Smaller Indiana, I had a tough time trying to figure out who to tag. This is so much fun, I hope all 4,000 members get tagged eventually!

Deborah Farrar
Travis Centers
Michael Van Vlymen
Laina Molaski
Tony Sandlin
Kristen Horton
Brian Wolff