I have long been a fan of Walt Disney, admiring his vision and creativity. So I read with interest this article by John Sviokla on how he thinks Wald Disney would Market in 2009.   It is an interesting approach to for small business owners to consider as part of their marketing approach. He says:

Know the story is king. Humans like to read about humans and whether you are selling CAT scanners, or auto insurance, every message must have a story that resonates with the human condition at its core. Almost all great stories have ancient roots.

What are the stories of your business?  Is it tales of your customers or your employees?   Your blog and marketing material are all effective ways to tell your story.  One last piece of advice for would be story tellers Sviokla says:

Stay on message. With Disney, you only had to see the Castle to conjure up the entire set of thoughts and dreams.