I have been a fan of Ben McConnel since he gave a presentation here in Indy at a Rainmaker event  several years ago. I enjoy reading his blog , which he doesn’t post to nearly enough. But when he does, the post is smart and customer focused.

I particularly liked a recent post – about how word of mouth, and especially on-line word of mouth can help you launch your new business. Using Twitter, Blogs, on – line news sources and a vast array of other social media tools you can build interest, buzz and anticipation. While other small business owners are still debating the value of social media you can jump ahead of the crowd building a following, or at least an interested audience when you are ready to launch.  McConnel, in building his case for Social Media, clearly identifies the benefits and warns of the risk of ignoring new technology when he says:

Opening your company to a participatory, social media system for potential customers, vendors and fans before you have a product to release is an insurance policy against your most dreaded outcome: obscurity.