Tammy Erickson and I are probably about the same age,so I can imagine her response the first time her boss told here to pack her “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch,” for an upcoming business trip.  But I enjoyed her recent post “What ‘s in your briefcase for 2009?” where she shows how these four things, or a variation of them should be in ever small busienss owner’s briefcase in 2009.  She says:

  • Make sure you have the ability to see things clearly. Develop connections with people who will provide you with provocative perspectives and counter-intuitive wisdom. Keep a sharp eye out for faint patterns as they emerge.
  • Bring something that grounds you in reality. Know where you are now – “what time it is,” if you will. Face the facts straight-on.
  • Pay attention to both cash and credit. In times like this, the over-riding business wisdom is clear: keep cash on hand – and maintain your credit.
  • And gather up your determination and courage. Perhaps more than anything, the year ahead promises to be one in which cool heads and clear focus are what’s needed above all else.

So like the Capital One credit card commercial where they ask “What’s in Your Wallet?”  I’m asking “What’s in Your Briefcase?”