Written by Amy Rowe

Plug-ins are great for WordPress. Just when you think you found something your WordPress theme can’t do… someone creates a plugin which enables the impossible!

Whether you want to sell items in a shopping cart, add audio to your pages, or just simply include a picture slideshow… we have found solutions by adding plug-ins to just about every site we create!

My Link Order is a plugin that I have continued to use on a regular basis with our Websites! Everyone knows that some templates are limiting and you need to find ways around their functionality. One specific site where the navigation along the top was to include only the broad categories and the navigation along the side was to include all the sub-pages.

By using the Page widget in the side bar – all the pages show! If you create links on the side not only can you pick and choose the pages you want to show, with My Link Order you can even put them in a specific order! It is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the order you want.

Interested? Download your free My Link Order Plugin here! Enjoy!

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