Written by Annalise Corman

Social media allows us to keep in touch with the friends we have met over the years but also initiates the meeting of new friends.

True, the internet fosters many great relationships but it also gives users contact overload. This article by Charles Heflin touches on how to distinguish your worthful friends from the worthless using a five – part relationship management technique.

O = OBSERVE –Staying on top of your industry by reading the top bloggers’ blogs is a way of observing.

G = GATHER – Based on what you observe you can now gather good information into your social communities.

R = REWARD –It is rewarding to the blog owner that you gathered their information into a blog post and expanded on it or repurposed it for your audience.

E = ENGAGE –Engage your community with information that you have gathered.

S = SEEK –Seek people that also Observe, Gather, Reward and Engage. By doing this you will ensure that you are building a powerful and active community.

In a series of posts in the weeks to come, we will look at ways to accomplish each of these five steps

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