Often I when I talk to small business owners about adding a blog to their website, I get more then just a little resistance. They don’t understand how this relatively informal means of communication can have business value.   Valori Maltoni has written a great post talking about why this strategy makes sense for small business owners.  She says:

Blogs allow you to:

  • provide topical and relevant information and resources regularly, become an appointment
  • receive feedback from your readers and engage them in discussion that are relevant to them
  • distribute your content more widely thanks to Google and the larger business community online

They allow your readers and customers to:

  • receive regular updates from you when and if they want them
  • share the resources and tips you provide with their network
  • find you through search thanks to keywords and tags that describe their problem

Even with all these compelling reasons I still get push back, so I have changed my tactic.  Small business owners don’t need a blog, just a resource page!  A place they can post the latest news about the company, new products, industry trends, and the occasional comment from a customer.

And the most efficient way to bundle this information?  Well that would be a blog.  But I have found if i sell the benefits and never use the “b” word it is a much easier sale!

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