One of my favorite new resources for Web Marketing Tips and Strategy is a site called Hubspot.  I love their website grader tool, and now I have discovered they have a pretty good blog too!

In a recent post targeted mostsly at techies they spell  our a formula for internet marketing success:The authors spell it out like this as they encourage Web Developers to see outside help for the things they don’t do well.

Data + Software + Skills + Network = Internet Marketing Success

Are you successful online? Do you have all 4 bases covered? Or did you skip one? What data do you use? What software are you using? What skills did you build internally? What tasks are you outsourcing and why? Are you building your network online? Moving your network online? Did you hire someone to help you with building your network online?

For small business owners, the networking piece is the easiest, but are you seeking help in your weak spots?

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