In a recent post Seth Godin advanced a simple concept – There is money in connections.  When you are the conduit by which others accomplish their goals, you can make money.   He says:

Make money: not by building an internet company, but by using the net as a tool to create value and get paid. Use the internet as a tool, not as an end. Do it when you are part of a big organization or do it as a soloist. The dramatic leverage of the net more than overcomes the downs of the current economy.

The essence is this: connect. Connect the disconnected to each other and you create value.

While his examples, and there are many wonderful ones in the post, are all on-line, this same concept works off line as well.   My favorite example is Rainmakers.  Six years ago, Tony Scelzo believed if he connected other people, benefit would roll back to him as well.   Informal at first, he built an organization around this principal.

Today, more than 1,400 small business owners and business professionals subscribe to the philosophy, pay dues to be a part of the organization, and reap the benefits of membership.  As a business owner, Tony has put a lot of sweat equity into the organization, and now is positioned as the organization continues to grow, to benefit from his role as a connector.

Unlike many of the examples in Seth’s model, even late adopters to Rainmakers can benefit from being a connector.    As Seth said:

The best time to do any of these projects was five years ago, so that today you’d be earning thousands of dollars a week. Too late. The second best time to start: now.

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