I wrote this almost two years ago, on IndyBiz and as I read about the Mayor’s current trip to Japan, I thought it was worth repeating.

Every day the press focuses on big business in Indiana. Will we or won’t we get the latest Toyota, Honda or other plant? While important to our economy, I think we are missing a very large business segment: Small and Mico Business.

In Central Indiana, there are more than 65,000 companies with sales under $1 million dollars. Isn’t it about time someone paid attention (not just lip service) to them??
If even 10% of these firms add one employee this year, it will have a greater impact on our economy than three manufacturing plants. So instead of planning trips to Japan, maybe just once in awhile our leaders should plan a trip to the local business community.

And maybe instead of multi-million dollar incentives for large companies to move here, and then leave, we should spend just a fraction of that creating real opportunities for small local business owners.

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