Ok so some days I feel old… not because of the aches or pains, but because things which seem new to others, are sadly familiar to me.   In a career which has spanned 30 years ( wow, that looks even worse in print then in my head) I have seen the economy rise and fall, and companies, and industries along with it.

When the economy is strong lots of  businesses survive with mediocre products or services.  As things cycle down, those which pay attention to their customers, and process will thrive despite the challenges, but survival will often be painful.

As many Tech Companies are discovering, even as investors continue to write checks cautiously, smart firms are scaling back.  This from Social Times:

It’s clear that no companies, including social networks, are immune to recessionary pressure. As companies push through the next three quarters, there is a very good chance that we’ll see cutbacks continue.

So what is your recession plan?  How will you improve your service and exceed your customer expectations so they stay with you?