Ok so the title probably got your attention.    Now the challenge is to deliver content that is equally interesting.   For that I turn to a post by Michael Grey who wrote a fun rant about people using analogies in the titles of their blogs every day.   A great literary device, the analogy helps readers make connections between concepts they understand and ones they don’t.

However, as Michael points out, using this technique every day is like wearing the same underwear for a week.   He suggests you use them when they make sense, but change up your style regularly.  Why?

Because no matter what vertical you are in, blogging is a from of entertainment. Sure sometimes it’s also news and information but the more entertaining and interesting you make it the more people are going to want to read it. The more you differentiate yourself and make your posts filled with a uniqueness and style that only you can deliver the more people will subscribe and keep coming back.

So keep writing, but stretch your creative muscle. Try different approaches to titles and content.  See what generates responses, and share your favorite techniques often!