Congrats to the Indy Chamber for adding a social network to their member benefits. I would suggest however, they open up a bit of the site to visitors to encourage them to join the chamber. Sometimes you have to give a little bit away for free to sell the rest of the package.

What do you think?   Are private member only networks a value or is there more value in creating a visible presene in a larger existing community like Smaller Indiana?

We have wrestled with this at Rainmakers on our member site: Let’s Make it Rain.  We decided to allow visitors to see the home page, get a feel for the discussions, but not participate if they are not members.  I don’t think anyone will join Rainmakers because of our social network, but I think it gives them insight into who we are.

The Indy Chamber has the same opportunity, and I hope they will consider modifying the site and becoming more of a voice for Indianapolis Small Business.

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