While Pay-Per_Click has it’s place, the truth is 80 – 90% of the time, searchers select content from the left side of the search page, skipping the sponsored links and paid ads completely.  As John Jansch, says:

Search as a way of life for your customers and prospects and has changed the game of marketing forever and while there are additional potent reasons to blog, enhancing your chances to rank well in the search game is reason enough for most small businesses to invest the little bit of time and energy it requires.

So how do you rise to the top?

  • Relevant content! You must match the phrases prospects use when looking for you. Not sure the best choice of phase – Ask your customers and prospects what terms they use. Then compare that to the most popular search phrases.   The Google KeyWord Tool, designed to help you write great ads is also a great way to improve your web copy
  • NEW Content – You will appear significantly higher on searches if you continuously offer new information.  This is the primary reason I push small business owners so hard to add a blog to every website.  The posts don’t have to be long, they just need to contain relevant content, and phases search engines can index. !