In 2003 I wrote the Entrepreneur’s Notebook. I had no illusions of winning a Pulitzer prize. I simply wanted to create a workbook I could use with my clients, and perhaps sell a few more along the way.

A few days ago, I opened the last box of 50 from the first reprint.   Two things occurred to me:

  1. Somewhere in the world there are more than 900 business owners with a copy somewhere in their office, hopefully filled out.
  2. It is time to work on the second edition

As I get ready to review the contents, I know there are things I want to change, sections I want to add, especially about using social media as part of your marketing mix.  Clearly this was not on my radar screen five years ago.

But in the spirit of Social Media, I would like to make this next edition a collaborative process.  So periodically, over the next few weeks, or months, (however long this takes,) I am going to post sections of the book.   I hope you will add your comments, suggestions and ideas.   And if I include your content, which in many cases I am sure I will, you will be listed among the collaborators in the forward of the book and on on-line.

Interested?  I hope so!  Here is the first topic – just as a warm up:

If you boil marketing down to one phrase or concept.  What is your most important marketing rule?