A few days ago I introduced this challenge to my readers, to help me write the second edition of my book, :The Entrepreneur’s Notebook.

Every few days I present a piece of the original text, and ask for suggestions or additions. Contributors will be included with credit in the revised text, which will be released some time next summer.

Today’s Text comes from the Section on Your Brand Position


Once you have defined a market segment, and determined it is large enough, the last step in this process is defining your market position. This is the unique niche your business will serve and the key benefits you provide.

What do you want existing and potential customers to think of when they hear your name? What solutions do you offer them? The impression you are hoping to create should be captured in a clear concise statement which describes your target customer, the primary benefit they are seeking, and how the benefit will be delivered.

What is your brand position?  How do you describe your company and the unique market space you own?

For Roundpeg our Position Statement reads like this:For small business owners, who want to grow, Roundpeg provides, practical, affordable and productive marketing to make their phone ring.

Keep in mind this is not advertising copy. It is an internal definition of who your company serves, and what you provide which will help you create effective marketing messages.

In contrast our marketing message is simply: Roundpeg, we help small businesses become big businesses

So what is your brand position?  Will you share your favorite examples?

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