In a post in the Harvard Business Review – John Baldoni had some good advice for how President Elect Obama should spend the next ten weeks.  Interestingly much of  his advice is extremely relevant for small business owners struggling with the current economic situation as well.

He advises:

  1. Be realistic.
  2. Go to the problem areas.
  3. Build a coalition.
  4. Treat federal agencies as your partners. Ok, so this may be a stretch for me.  I just can’t believe the words ” I am from the IRS and I am here to help!”
  5. Look for success stories.
  6. Inspire optimism

Most importantly, don’t sit around and wait 10 weeks for some outside force to change your business.  Take control into your hands now!  Start your plan today.  You may not double your sales in the next twelve weeks, but if you begin moving forward, learning from others, you will sell something!