In a recent blog post Seth Godin asked a serious question:

Can you imagine someone who works in a factory that processes metal not knowing how to use a blowtorch? How can you imagine yourself as a highly-paid knowledge worker and not know how to do these things… If you don’t, it’s not hard to find someone to teach you.

His check list for basic skills included the following: ( The list was longer, but these are some I consider critical for small business owners:

You are trying to run your business without a blow torch If you can’t or don’t :

  • Have a signature in your outbound email
  • Use an RSS reader
  • Generate a PDF document from a Word file you’re working on
  • Know how to build and share a simple spreadsheet using Google Docs
  • Have a shortcut for sending mail to the six co-workers you usually write to
  • Are you able to find what you’re looking for on Google most of the time

If your answer was no to some or all of these questions then you should attend What is Web 2.0 and Why do I Care!

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