Attended MBO today, and once again Jim Brown and his team put together a terrific program.  Like a great blog, MBO was filled with relevant content, and a few tough choices trying to decide which session to attend.

The themes of relevance, quality and integration into your overall business model came up again and again.  A few of my favorite comments:

Jason Falls On the importance of relevant content, not just key words – “You can put the body of a Prosche on a “go-cart” and it will be pretty, but it will still drive like a go cart.” His point, attention to Key words may drvie traffic, but if your content sucks people won’t come back.

Jim Brown Had a similar point when discussing how to improve Pay per Click – He Said: “No amount of ad tesing of PPC management will fix a bad website.”

He also said: “Getting Traffic is easy.  Your goal should be less traffic and more buyers.”

Even if you missed the event you can still get connected to great content on the MBO website.