A new tool called Social Minder helps you measure the quality of your on-line relationships.  Ranking your connections by how often you communicate with them, (sending and receiving messages) to give you a feel for the health of a relationship.

Since I dont’ save my sent messages for very long, I didnt’ qualify for the trial, but the write-ups –  this one by Mashable and one by Kyle Lacy on Qualifying and Quantifying your Social Network got me thinking about my relationships.

I have a lot of people in my address book, and a few I communicate with on a regular basis. But there are many, probably serveral hundred I met at a meeting, traded a few notes with, and now the simply take up room.  I may no longer even remember how or where we met, but I keep them and I am not sure why!

So this weekend I have some downtime, and i am going to go through my address book, sending notes to people or deleting them, if i don’t remember who they are.   i hope the results will be stronger relationships, and a cleaner data base.