Twenty years ago I went to work for Lennox Industries, ( the HVAC, not the China company).   And as I sat in meeting after meeting with groups of engineers, I found myself saying the same things over and over again.

“Even if people don’t buy furnaces the same way they buy toothpaste, basic rules of marketing still apply!”

After all these years, I still believe that is true; Marketing Basics apply whether you are selling a product or a service, consumer or B-to-B, durable or non durable, on or off-line. So I am not surprised swhen I read columns by social media experts listing rules of “Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool” which look an awful lot like rules for any good marketing.

I found this list on Traffikd and if you have lost your marketing text book, print this post, put it on your wall and refer to it often.  Not just for the social media portion of your plan, but for every element of your marketing plan.

1 – Identify a Goal or Purpose.
2 – Assess What You Have Available
3 – Define Your Target Audience.
4 – Target Specific Social Media Sites
5 – Develop Targeted Content
6 – Be Consistently Active
7 – Develop a Plan for Conversion
8 – Evaluate the Results
9 – Make Adjustments to Improve