Years ago I worked with an experienced advertising manager.  Rex would walk into meetings with our management team whenever they wanted to cut the budget and say: “Repetition, repetition, repetition”.  His point was simple, if we wanted to get noticed, we could not take a one shot approach t our marketing.  Multiple ads, multiple pieces of direct mail would be required to break through the clutter.

And the same is true today!  Using blogging and social media as an integral part of your market mix takes commitment and as Mitch Joel suggests:

Don’t blast out five pieces of content or join three online social networks and fade away. Choose one, stick with it and keep at it.

He also makes a great point about creating a consistent online image.  Just as you wouldn’t consider changing your brand color or font every time you print a new brochure, don’t change your identity when you blog!

Consistency. Be consistent. In everything that you do. Have a consistent username that you use in all of your channels (mine is mitchjoel). Use the same photo, so that you are recognizable in all of these channels. Use the same name in all of your postings (even when I comment on other Blogs, I use: Mitch Joel – Twist Image).