Squidoo an interesting site launched a few years ago is built on the assumption that everyone is an expert on some subject. Using their tool, you can share what you know or love.    As a consultant, this type of platform is a valuable element in your marketing tool kit.

It is a place you can showcase your expertise, and since Squidoo gets great traffic overall, linking from there, to your primary website, creates a credible link which raisers your visibility on search engines. I have several lenses on Squidoo including Small Business Marketing and Indybiz.

With so many other social networking tools, I have to admit, I don’t update these pages as often as I should, but still get the benefit of the links.  And from time to time, I do get an inquiry.

The other nice feature of Squidoo is the ability to search for information . Not as well organized as Wikipedia, I have found some great articles and links when doing research for clients.

So the question for today is do you Squidoo?