Have you ever noticed there is always a coupon on the Pizza box? Why, because these savvy marketers know, once they have your attention, it is easier to sell you something else. This is especially true, if they liked the first product!

Do you use this strategy in your business? When you make a sale do you include an offer for another product or service in the same package? If not, you are missing a great opportunity for repeat business.

Sell More

When I wrote my third book, I realized I still needed to sell the first two. And so, I included an order form, with a description of all three of my books in each package. The result – -I sold more books! Don’t forget about your invoices. If you are spending postage to mail an invoice or statement, make sure there is an offer included. Or consider including a brief message directly on the bill or statement.

Team with Partners

If you have strategic partners who routinely sell to your same target audience they should have copies of your brochure or catalogue to include in customer communication. It might even be worth paying for the mailing yourself to have your message distributed to their clients.

Electronic Offers

This strategy is so easy to execute with on-line products, I am always amazed when companies fail to follow-up for add-on sales. If you sell your products on-line, consider offering an upgrade, additional product or partner’s product with the order confirmation, and again when the product is shipped.

Customer’s For Life

Consider each sale an opportunity to create a customer for life, someone who will be interested in buying from you again and again, if you simply make it easy!