In a recent post, Small Business Marketing Expert – John Jansch of DuctTape Marketing asked the question Are You Too On-Line?   My immediate reaction was surprise… his title made it seem as if he was backing away from his solid support of on-line strategies.

But he didn’t disappoint me.  He goes on to reinforce what I have been telling my clients for a long time, the on and offline strategies compliment each other.  While your website is the center point of your marketing it doesn’t stand alone.    You can not run your entire business from behind your computer screen.

Examples of how to blend the elements

  • Get out! Network then bring the cards home and send an email or better yet, MAKE A PHONE CALL ( for you Gen Y’s and Gen NEXT in the audience, some people actually talk into that device you use for texting)
  • Send targeted direct mail, and drive traffic to a personalized URL more information or even order fulfillment

For other ideas, read his original post: