When it comes to tagging your content for your blog or website sometimes “Less is More”  at least according to SEO expert Michael Gray. In a recent post he explains why fewer categories and tags make it easier for Google and other search engines to find exactly the right information on your website.

He suggests:

Don’t display full posts on your homepage or in your archives, only display the full content on the single post page.

Categories, Dates, or Tags, choose one and block google from crawling the others. I’m a big fan of using categories because it helps set up a SEO Siloing structure, but if you prefer tags or date based, go for it.

Limit the number of paths Google can use to find your content. If you choose categories as your primary structure keep your posts in a few categories as possible.

This is a great strategy for small business owners trying to incorporate blogging into their marketing mix.  It makes it much easier to find a few categories and post, post, post, rather then splitting hairs

And while I won’t be going back and redoing the hundreds of posts I have already written I will be taking a more streamlined approach to future posts.