Alexandra Brown, author of a popular small business marketing blog wrote a great post recently about how to create copy that sells.  Her suggestions work equally well for web copy, brochures, email or blog posts.

She suggests:

1. Be reader-centered, not writer-centered.
2. Focus on the benefits — not just the features.
3. Draw them in with a killer headline.
4. Use engaging subheads.
5. Be conversational.
6. Nix the jargon.
7. Keep it brief and digestible.
8. Use testimonials when possible.
9. Ask for the order!
10. Have your copy proofread!

To this list I would add the final copy check…   How many times do you use the words, you, your, vs WE, US, OUR, and I..   Customer focused literature, should be 2 x 1 2nd person to 1st person.  ( and our customers is still about you)

Write about what they need, if you get their attention, you will earn the right to talk about what you sell.