I discovered Randy & Donny, The Marketing Twins, recently and really enjoy their blog posts.   Recently they asked “how is your business going?”

The year is half over, so how is it going? Have you met your goals? Are you having the referrals, leads and profits you expected?

My own mid year review was interesting.  My project mix doesn’t look at all the way I planned.  And that would be fine if sales were on pace, but they ae not, so it is time to rethink my marketing, adjust my messages.  Small web sites have become our bread an butter and that type of work is coming to us fairly easily.

But our marketing advice clients are down, so it is time to focus more on marketing advice and less on web design, if I want more of that type of business, and I do!

And if you are interested, the Twins have shared a systematic marketing approach to put your sales on track. Read full article