As a small business owner what elements of marketing do you find most frustrating?

According to Infusionsoft, 65% of small business owners cite an inability to consistently and efficiently follow up with leads as the top concern.  Now the survey was done by a eMarketing company, so the results might be a little self serving, but it’s their survey.

So here is there list.  What do you think … Would these make your top ten?

  1. Too difficult to follow up with cold, warm and lukewarm leads consistently and efficiently
  2. Can’t properly track and manage prospects and customers
  3. Need to integrate online and offline marketing efforts
  4. Poor email deliverability
  5. Too much manual grunt work in the sales and marketing process, no automation
  6. Can’t track sales activity
  7. Lack of centralization, too many different programs and systems
  8. Too costly to maintain servers and IT staff
  9. Too difficult to manually manage multichannel campaigns
  10. One-dimensional marketing