On a typical day I may receive more than 200  email messages. And when I am busy, even emails with a compelling, well-crafted subject line are destined to become just another unread annoyance. Nevertheless, email marketing remains inexpensive, and, largely because of this, an effective way to reach and grow an audience over time — when managed properly.

Are you doing email well?  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to put your email marketing campaign on track.  The author focuses on four elements:

  • Value — High quality content that is useful to the reader
  • Brevity — Succinct, clear calls-to-action and messaging
  • Appropriateness — Highly targeted messaging designed with the audience in mind and using appropriate tone and voice.
  • Timeliness — Nothing is better than getting the right information at the right time. Promote for the season, holiday or event as best fits your business

And if you need help building an effective email marketing campaign, Roundpeg, an Indianapolis email marketing company can help.  From helping you select the right platform  ( Constant Contact, Delivera, Exact Target or Emma or Mail Chimp) to helping you develop compelling content or strategies to build your list, we have the expertise to make email marketing a valuable part of your overall marketing program.