Small Biz Owners Learn from Luxury Travel Industry

by Mar 18, 2008Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Marketing

I came across an interesting blog, which contains 10 marketing tips for entrepreneurs.

The author points out how market segments are shifting and desiring the same things out of life, especially more time for themselves. Nowadays, different socio-economic segments have access to products and services that were in the past only for the affluent market. This fact affects our marketing strategies.

One example of this shift is cell phones. When cell phones were introduced to the market, the non-affluent market could not afford to purchase them. Now everyone has a cell phone, including adolescents and teenagers. Here is an excerpt from the blog: “As an entrepreneur, what can you learn from the luxury travel industry? Actually, quite a lot! By examining the trends that are taking place in the luxury travel market you can see ideas and business segments that are emerging amongst some of the world’s most affluent shoppers…More Info

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