How does a web 2.0 strategy begin?

by Mar 18, 2008Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Marketing, SEO | Web Design

A Web 2.0 strategy begins with an interactive relationship with the on-line community. These concise recommendations come from a column by Anita Campbell on the intuit website (pretty cool for an accountant.) I have added my thoughts in italics. She writes: )

(1) Start a blog — this will get you posting content regularly AND creating an online community. Make it a team blog if possible, to share the workload. A local example of this is:

(2) Guest post at other blogs — if you don’t want the commitment of maintaining your own blog, guest-post at another blog with a similar audience.

(3) Consider 2 or 3 of the general social networking sites — you can make connections online with other business owners and professionals. This can lead directly to new business, speaking gigs and other opportunities. The trick here is not to try 17 of such sites — pick a couple and focus just on those. LinkedIn, Smaller Indiana and the Make it Rain site for Rainmakers are my favorites

(4) Participate at niche communities — examples of niche communities are QuickBooks Group,, and similar sites. You’ll find helpful resources and like-minded souls.

(5) Email newsletters — Email newsletters are still good ways to keep reminding customers, friends, and others that “Hey, we’re still here!” They are good for drawing add-on business, too. We like Constant Contact. If you aren’t sure if it is right for you.. take a free trial: Don’t have time to do a newsletter? Outsource it to Roundpeg.

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