Marketing on One Foot

by Jan 3, 2008Sales | Networking

Have you ever been at a networking event and politely asked a small business owner what what they do, and they their answer goes on, and on and on?

When ever that happens to me I am reminded of an old  story about an impatient young man who went to visit an old scholar. He demanded the the old man tell him everything he needed to know about the bible standing on one foot.

The old man smiled, stood on one foot and said, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you! All the rest is commentary”


Say Less … Listen More

What Would You Say?

If that same impatient young man came to your business, could you meet his challenge? Could you boil down the description of your business to a simple message, deliverable standing on one foot?

Try This Next Time When someone at a networking event asks “What do you do?” Treat the listener like an impatient young man. Avoid a long, detailed description of your products and services.

Instead, give a brief, but compelling description that leaves the listener wanting more … and watch what happens!

 What to Say Next?

If you have caught their attention, the listener will ask a follow up question. Keep your response short as well. The goal is not to be vague, but to provide information in manageable bites for the listener.

Think of a networking conversation like a tennis match. Your goal is to make contact with the ball and knock it back over the net. Remember to ask questions about their business as well.

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